HF NaJUS, a joint stock company (‘HF NaJUS’), is committed to the ethical conduct and integrity of its business intentions by this Code. This Code of Conduct is a binding document derived from our corporate values and applies to all employees of the company. It lays down the principles of mutual behaviour of the company, employees and entities from an external background.

1. Protection of the company’s reputation and assets

Workers are required to behave in a way that disseminates the reputation of HF NaJUS and protects its interests. Every worker has a duty to protect the intellectual property and material wealth of the company. The use of HF NaJUS assets, including work equipment, inventories, buildings, bids, contracts with business partners, technological processes, employee data, including salaries or other tangible and intangible assets for personal gain, shall be prohibited unless expressly permitted by agreement. Intellectual property is a valuable asset and must be protected from unauthorized use or betrayal. Such ownership includes trade secrets, confidential information, copyrights, trademarks, logos, but also customer lists, business opportunities, product specifications, whether owned by our company or business partners.

2. Privacy Policy

HF NaJUS respects the privacy of workers and is committed to protecting their personal data. Personal data are processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the applicable internal directives resulting from this Act. Only HF NaJUS personnel who are authorised to do so and process this information for the purpose of carrying out their duties shall have access to this data.
Taking into account privacy and the protection of personal data, the HF NaJUS reserves the right to access and monitor computers and video monitoring of the premises for the purpose of maintaining the information technology in which the personal data are processed, as well as in order to fulfil its business obligations or obligations under generally binding legislation and internal directives.

3. Relations in the company

Relations in the HF NaJUS are based on transparency, open communication, mutual trust and respect. Relations with workers and between superiors and subordinates are based on respect for the dignity of each person and respect for fundamental human rights.
We provide each other with up-to-date, adequate, accurate and comprehensible information.
Everyone has the right to preserve human dignity, personal honor, reputation and the protection of the name. The management of the HF NaJUS does not interfere with the private and family life of employees, does not tolerate any psychological and physical violence and motivates its employees to express their views and to open debate.
The management of HF NaJUS is committed to maintaining a partnership with trade union representatives in order to create the conditions for decent work.

4. Discriminatory practices

The HF NaJUS rejects discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion, age, medical fitness, sexual orientation, national origin or any other ground protected by law.
The HF NaJUS requires every worker to contribute to improving the working environment, respecting all principles and principles, and abstion of any kind of discrimination.

5. Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited. Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual attempts at rapprochement, any request for sexual favors, or any other unwanted verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature in the workplace, as well as other similar acts that create an uncomfortable work environment.

6. Safety and health

HF NaJUS takes care of a high level of health and social care for workers and creates conditions for a safe working environment. The general principles of prevention and the essential conditions for ensuring safety and health at work and for the exclusion of risks and factors that make accidents at work, occupational diseases and other health damages are reflected in the related internal rules. The HF NaJUS ensures that employees are informed about these directives, as well as training on occupational safety and health requirements.
Care for safety and health at work and improving working conditions is part of the performance of work tasks. HF NaJUS managers at all levels of management to the specified extent are responsible for the performance of the tasks.
Taking into account safety and health, the HF NaJUS reserves the right to view the premises for the purpose of health and safety, as well as to fulfil its commercial or general obligations under generally binding legislation and internal directives.

7. Acceptance of gifts, corruption

Workers may not demand or accept services, gifts or benefits from customers or suppliers that affect or appear to affect the worker’s actions in representing HF NaJUS. Gifts and benefits may be exchanged at a level that does not go beyond the usual extended local courtesy in accordance with ethical business practice and applicable laws.
In case of doubt, staff must consult their superiors or human resources representative.
When dealing with our trading partners, we take an honest approach that is consistent with anti-corruption behaviour.

8. Relationship with shareholders

It is our duty to protect shareholder investment and ensure their long-term appreciation.
Under the legislation, we provide shareholders with information about HF NaJUS and take into account their interests. We comply with legislation ensuring transparent disclosure. All shareholders have the right to influence the company’s activities, in particular by voting at the general meeting and their activities in the HF NaJUS bodies, which are elected by the general meeting. HF NaJUS has established transparent electoral rules respecting the rights of all shareholders. The General Assembly shall approve the audit firm, which draws up the Independent Auditor’s report in accordance with the law.

9. Environmental protection

All workers are required to work in accordance with the environmental laws and regulations applicable to their workplace.
Our business activities affect the environment and are therefore committed to improving our environmental performance through preventive measures and using environmentally friendly technologies.
Through environmental audits and risk management, we systematically identify and evaluate possible ecological incentives. By taking corrective action, we eliminate their impacts and are still working to improve our environmental performance and increase the efficiency of our resources.

10. Relationship with business partners

We are striving to succeed in a transparent market environment. We are not looking for competitive advantages through illegal or unethical practices.
All workers must speak correctly, avoid manipulative practices, conceal relevant information, misuse of confidential information, or any unfair dealings when dealing with business partners.
We provide customers with up-to-date, adequate and comprehensible information about our products and services. Each HF NaJUS worker treats his/her duties in such a way as to increase the value of the products and services provided to the customer.
We share the principles of ethical behaviour, social engagement and respect for the environment with our suppliers, subcontractors and intermediaries. We present these principles to our business partners and motivate them to adhere to the same standards that we adhere to.

11. Conflict of interest

A conflict of interest arises when personal interests interfere with the duties of the worker and his loyalty to the HF NaJUS and when his activities could harm or disadvantage the HF NaJUS.
Therefore, we must not carry out any activity that could be described as a conflict of interest.
The management of the HF NaJUS may not operate as a statutory body or a member of a statutory or other body of another legal person with the same or similar business without the prior consent of the shareholder.
A business or other gainful activity the object of which is the same as that of the HF NaJUS may be carried out by a worker only with the prior consent of the staff of the HF NaJUS.
No one shall use their official position in the HF NaJUS for private purposes and must avoid relationships that entail a risk of corruption and which call into question our objectivity and independence in the pursuit of activities.

12. Illegal practices

In its activities, the HF NaJUS complies with applicable laws and regulations, which also requires its business partners.
It does not participate in the illicit trade in products (tobacco products, alcohol…) and the drug trade.
The HF NaJUS maintains the confidentiality of information obtained in commercial relations, does not disclose it to third parties and prevents misuse of information.

13. Communication of unethical behaviour

A breach of any part of this document by a worker shall be considered a serious breach of professional discipline which may result in the immediate termination of employment and the appropriate legal action.
Non-compliance and violation of any part of this document is also unacceptable for any participating partner. The procedure in the event of such infringement or breach of other relevant provisions by the partner is agreed with him in a contract or agreement and may lead directly to legal action.
HF NaJUS personnel are required to report any violation or potential breach of the Code of Ethics which they have become aware of.
Violation of the Code of Ethics, workers communicate to their direct supervisor, other senior supervisor according to the organizational structure, senior human resources manager or anonymously through the doorman’s mailbox. The worker shall also have the possibility to lodge an action through a representative of the employees or trade unions. The notification shall be made orally, by telephone, in writing or electronically

All those reporting a breach of the Code of Ethics are required to guarantee the whistleblower anonymity. Anonymity can only be revealed with the consent of the notifier.
Anyone who has been reported in breach of the Code of Ethics is obliged to deal with the report and to accept the solution in accordance with their competences.
The HF NaJUS will not tolerate any sanctions against people who have reported problems with compliance with the Code of Ethics in good faith