“We have gone through a long but successful journey since the first plant”

The HF NaJUS, a. s. Company is proud of its long history. It was established in 1937 as a part of ŠKODA Plzeň which was focused on the production of artillery weapons. The company was originally built as an underground plant to ensure a protection from bombing during the Second World War. Over the period of its 80-year history, it has had to overcome many challenges connected to economic, political and managing issues.

In 1985, the company moved to a new building where it has been located till today. Although the company has undergone long developments due to the economic and political situations in Slovakia, it has always been able to adapt to market conditions, thanks to which it has had a very strong position at a marketplace nowadays.

Over the years, hundreds of highly qualified workers and technicians have passed their knowledge and expertise to build one of the most capable companies in the Trenčín Region. Step by step changing its owners and names, the HF NaJUS, a.s. Company has turned into a modern and competitive company operating on both domestic and foreign markets.

Important milestones in the company history

  1. 1


    Establishing the tool room for production of tools and special appliances

  2. 2


    Owning by Rona – Lednické Rovne, Slovakia

  3. 3


    Assigning the name ZTS-LR NaJUS, a. s.

  4. 4


    Owning by the German company Harburg Freudenberg Maschinenbau GmbH

  5. 5


    Assigning the name HF NaJUS, a.s.

  6. 6


    Becoming a member of the global HF Mixing Group