Dualists of HF NaJUS Got a “Present”

We are excited to present the latest investment of HF NaJUS, a. s. – a new modern turning center PUMA SMX 3100 LS, from the renowned manufacturer DOOSAN. Through this purchase, our company has expanded not only its own production capacities, but also possibilities of the dual education graduates.

With an investment of 450 000 € we have acquired a lathe from the PUMA SMX series, the next generation of DOOSAN multifunctional turning centers, which is characterized by high productivity, accuracy and easy operation.

The new PUMA SMX 3100 LS will be used to produce parts requiring many types of machining, which we have had to solve separately on 3 – 4 specialized machines in the past. PUMA will allow machining “to complete” on one device, especially parts requireing turning of complex shapes and milling complicated surfaces at once – all that in surface quality and tolerances, where no additional grinding is necessary. This will reduce production time by up to 2/3 of the duration.

At the same time, the machine will serve as a practical tool for students of the Secondary School in Dubnica nad Váhom, who are trained in the dual system in HF NaJUS. In this way, future engineers will be able to connect learned theory with practice on the latest technology. This will increase their chances of being able to succeed on the labor market which suffers from a lack of professional working force in an engineering field.

Our company, as one of the first engineering companies in Slovakia, has introduced a dual education system. In cooperation with the Secondary School in Dubnica nad Váhom it offers to the students of 1st and 2nd class an opportunity to acquire, immediately after admittion to the secondary school, abilities and skills necessary for performance of the chosen profession.

HF NaJUS offers possibility of dual education in the branch of mechanics – mechatronics, mechanic adjusting and tool maker.

Right at the site of HF NaJUS “our dualists” have at their disposal a training center equipped with the latest technologies and machines, on which they are taught to apply the learned theory directly in practice under the supervision of a senior instructor.

Compared to ordinary trainees, HF NaJUS dualists do not only have the opportunity to stay in a multinational company, but they have also another one: how many students can show off they have a regular income during their study (even at the average wage level in Slovakia)?

Of course, dualists in our company are treated as permanent employees – they are provided with warm lunch, protective work equipment, paid various courses and trainings.