HF NaJUS, a. s.

The HF NaJUS company with its seat in Dubnica nad Váhom shows a long tradition in the field of mechanical engineering, proving stability, expertize and professionalism in all of its operation areas. Through continuous investment, research and development, the company continues gather its reputation and is currently one of the fastest growing machinery companies in the Stredné Považie region, especially in the field of rubber, glass and metal industry.

In 2012 company get a new owner -German company Harburg Freundenberg Maschinenbau GmbH. Since that moment HF NaJUS, a. s. is part of the worldwide HF Mixing Group, which includes companies with offices all over the world.

The company aims to ensure a long-term development and maintain technical and technological equipment on a top level, which is able to compete with other successful companies in the field of engineering production. This objective should be achieved by investing primarily, as well as by maintaining professionalism in all operational areas.

Strong emphasis is firmly on quality production, the company is certified to ISO STN EN 9001: 2009 and welding EN ISO 3834-2: 2006 as well as customer certificate no. 0144 the company Spirit Aerosystems (Europe) Limited.