“We are always available when you need us”

One of the most significant benefits that the HF NaJUS, a.s. Company offers are comprehensive services for its customers. Thanks to the historically acquired know-how and practical experience within the HF Mixing Group, a new service center for the whole Europe has been built in the HF NaJUS, a.s. Company.

Since all machines and equipment manufactured by the HF NaJUS, a.s. Company are considered as very reliable, their maintenance requirements are very low. Assuming that all parts are regularly checked and exchanged when necessary, the machines can work for long periods even under the most demanding conditions and processes.

Following activities represent a short list of services provided by the HF NaJUS, a.s. Company:

  • Turn-key installations (complete realization including consulting, project management, construction management and workers’ organizations, supply and installation, start up and implementation of the machine, staff training)
  • Installations supervising
  • Launching, implementation and training
  • Small repairs at customers place
  • Warranty service
  • Control (small repair by the end-user, warranty repairs, service interventions in case of accidents, inspection, repair)
  • Overhaul (removal -> repair -> adjustment -> eventual production of the new parts -> reassembly, implementation)
  • Delivery of the spare parts