Products of HF NaJUS, a. s. are designed primarily for the rubber industry. However, on a historical basis, the plant can also produce parts and machinery for metal, glass, packaging, aerospace, automotive and construction industries.

Products include single-purpose machines and lines, machines and equipment for production of rubber tires and statements, gauges, preparations, machinery for steel plate processing, small components and spare parts – all custom manufacturing. HF NaJUS offers a wide range of products and services, mainly intended for export to other countries.


HF NaJUS, a. s. supplies components, sub-groups, machines, inclusive mechanical assembly, as well as electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic installation, including testing and implementation, especially for German, Hungarian, Romanian and French customers.


All the major innovations in rubber and pneumatic industry are developed by companies within the HF Mixing Group and HF TireTech Group. Therefore, HF NaJUS, a. s. can be rated as one of the European manufacturer leaders in the sector. This is proved also by the fact that the top customers are leading rubber companies such as Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli etc.


HF NaJUS, a. s. produces parts, assembly groups, sub-groups, fully automated production lines and complete products for external customers, using these tools in their segment all around the world. This fact is verified by a long-term cooperation with companies producing equipment for strips processing, plates, coilers, decoilers and a wide range of processing lines in the steel industry.


Recycling industry is a rapidly growing industry in the world market and, of course, HF NaJUS is a part of it – throughout production of machines that are fully automated for soil processing and recycling.


Based on the experience and tradition NaJUS, a. s. carries on with production of parts for the largest Slovak glass factory RONA a.s., Lednické Rovne, to which our company also provides services such as overhaul, refurbishment, production of spare parts, as well as after-sales service.


HF NaJUS, a. s. has more than a 10-year tradition in production of parts for the aerospace industry. Except of small parts NaJUS is able to process the whole wing clamping construction and frame structure parts for the front and rear edges of the aircraft wings. In this branche our company has a number of satisfied customers in the UK and Germany, who awarded us with the quality certificate.