Offer of Measurement and Diagnostics of Machines

1Measurement of geometric tolerances in accordance with ISO 230-11 500 €
2Checking of the geometric accuracy and dynamic attributes, involving the machine parameters compensation of the Heidenheim control system due to ISO 230-4 200 €
3Calibration of the measuring systems – laser measurement of accuracy and linear axes repeatability according to ISO 230-2 700 €
4Processing of the measurement protocol50 €

Service Tariffs (Prices Excl. VAT) Throught the Machine Tool Service

Hourly rate (one operator) 33,00 €/hour
The minimal rate (two operators)264,00 €
Transport costs (rate per one vehicle)0,45 €/km
Sadzba za čas strávený na cesteRate for time spent on a journey17,00 €/hour
(In case of distance over 100 km between HF NaJUS and place of work)
Accommodationaccording to the billing
To ensure the occupational safety and to meet technological procedures the service use to be provided by at least two workers. In case of service work carried out during Saturdays, Sundays, eventually during public holidays the hourly rates increased by 50% are valid. For more information about descriptions of the measurement can be found HERE